From 06.12 to 01.02

The winter outside: Darkness and coldness Overwhelmingly much snow Beatrice, my wife, takes me with her into the new year

The winter starts in coldness and darkness at the 6th December. In coldness and darkness the wheel of the year also will terminate. But this is outside and for the people there also is an “inside”, which now plays a decisive role.

Beatrice, my wife, is taking my hand. Come, let us leave the darkness together and experience the New Year. We will see a lot of light and colours.

Christmas table of presents

The winter is the time of consumption and not-consumption. Depending on whether the year before has been successful ore not. The consumption we know very well. The buying frenzy which happens in the time before Christmas, Christmas itself and the expensive luxury trips at the turn of the year. The consumption lust already was known by the Romans, which celebrated “Saturnalia” in this time. The roman god Saturn nowadays is part of the name of a big German chain.

A winter picture. Bare, simple and beautiful

With the non-consumption today we are no longer much familiar. The quiet Advent conduce contemplation and the mental preparation for the feast. In former times people had to save their food because it had to suffice until the next prosping. They were isolated in a time when traffic routes often were not usable anymore.

Because of the mentioned extremes two very different groups of professions are attracted to the winter. On the one side professions which have to do with spiritual things like philosophers or clerics, and on the other side consumption oriented professions like marketer, salesman and retailer. In the range of artists the sculptors are especially inspired by the winter. The absence of colours and greenery in the nature let emerge the shapes of the things. Did you already take a photograph of a tree in the winter? Exactly!

The colours of the winter: White, blue and sallow

The colours of the winter: White, blue and sallow, which stands for the low sun. If this three colours act together wonderful pictures can emerge.

Trees in the winter