Fro, 01.05 to 03.07

This season starts on the first of May. In pre-Christian times when there had only been 2 seasons, this day in the Celtic part of Europe was named “Beltane”, and it started the summer season. In the Irish calendar it is still like that today.

Colourful bush in the Sing summer
The Sing summer is distinguished from music and concerts

In the Sing summer everything is in full gorgeousness and the hearts of the people are fulfilled with joy. This Joy expresses itself with singing and dancing. Therefore the music is the art which belongs to this season, and in addition acting belongs to the Sing summer.

The feast of this season is Whitsunday. Around the Whitsunday date music festivals are taking place everywhere. A peony which is a symbol for Whitsunday is hidden on this page. Can you find it?

A garden as a symbol for the Sing summer

In art there are countless examples which can be symbols for the Sing summer. Here one of them should be emphasized: “A Midsummer Nights dream” as spectacle from William Shakespeare and additionally the equally named music from Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Here the arts of the season are united. And if you know nothing else about the “A Midsummer Night’s dream” music: You surely know the seventh Movement, because it is “the” wedding march.

In Sing summer most couples are getting married. It was an old tradition that young couples on “Beltane” jumped through a fire together and thereby giving each other the wedding bond.

Wedding cake

The people who are attracted by this season are living in the here and now. They don’t worry about the future and they don’t grieve about the past. Therefore it is not astonishing that the lion share of all professions belongs to the Sing summer. The reason is: The aim of the most professions is to produce and maintain the things of the here and now.


You have to mention manual professions but also professions in production and administration. Doctors and nurses belong here and all caring professions. Because these professions see the human beings as they are.


Just as wedding belongs to the season the stork does, because it has a traditional connection to marriage and fecundity. The animal you see here is engaged with nest-building and breeding. It is the time you can see animal kids everywhere, thus chicks, lambs, calves and so on.

Cows and calves

The people are also busy. Many of them are not only engaged with work but also with leisure time. The Sing summer contains many public holidays. In Germany these are the first of May, Ascension Day, Whitsun and the Feast of Corpus Christy if you are living in the right federal state. Sure that a lot of sporting events are taking place, for example sailing championships.

Sailing championship

There are no colours which especially symbolize this season. Actually all colours can be used, which corresponds to the fullness of the Sing summer. On this page you can enjoy the combination of a vital green with the strong pink of a peony.