From 15.03 to 30.04

Two tulips protrude from white flowers

The prosping season starts at the „Ides of March“. At this day in the ancient world the commander and emperor Julius Caesar was killed. Not a good augury you believe? Those who killed him (there were a lot of them) saw it like this: The people will be relieved from a dictator who had usurped the power and had stolen them their liberty. And in the same way the world now relieves itself from the long coldness which had disabled all growth.

Weiße Blüten

Anyhow. Fact is, in the prosping much, if not everything, changes. The symbol for this change is the blossom. Now you can see an ocean of blossoms.

Ocean of blossoms in all colours of the prosping

The nature awakes with might and power. Light and warmness flow through the land and many things happen together. Everything grows and prospers. The plants call for attention and reproduction with bright and colourfulness and the birds do the same with lovely songs.

The feast of this season is Easter. Hares and eggs symbolize fertility. The eggs are painted with the bright colours which are typical for this season. The now blossoming tulips are colourful of their own.

Tulips to the horizon
Daff or lent lily

People who are attracted to this season are real bundles of energy and can inspire all the others. Therefore they are born leaders. But they are also workaholics. The buding was characterized from visionary spiritual power but now the physical power takes centre stage to solve all the pending tasks. This is especially true for people who are farming or have an own garden. For them now plenty of things are to do at the same time.

Löwenzahn mit Biene

Fiction is the art which naturally is connected to the prosping. In the German literature “the” classic for this season is the “Osterspaziergang” (Easter walk) from Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

The photo illustrates a quote from the Easter walk

About the cold seasons who loose their power he writes: „Der alte Winter in seiner Schwäche zog sich in raue Berge zurück. Von dort sendet er, fliehend nur, ohnmächtig Schauer körnigen Eises in Streifen über die blühende Natur“ (The old winter in his weakness retires to cold mountains. From there he sends, escaping, powerless stripes of corned ice into the blossoming nature).