From 04.07 to 01.09

Heat summer: Mellow meadows, blue sea and a wide view

The Heat summer represents liberty. In most of the countries holidays are in the Heat summer, a time of freedom. The USA is considered as the land of liberty. Therefore the start of this season is their national holiday, July 4th (Independence Day). The connection between Heat summer and freedom has deep historical roots which are going back to our prehistory.

Back then when people were moving around the world in tribes sufficient food supply was essential for survival.

Look from the beach to ground and sea

When it was warm there was an abundance of matured fruits and other food. That was the time humans felt most free. A place which represents this feeling best is the South Seas. Warmness and sufficient food are there the whole year.

Green and blue are the colours of the Heat summer

The colours of the summer are derived from the above described South Seas idyll: They are strong green and blue colours representing the maturing nature and the water which also is a big food supply. Scientists have discovered that people today are so comfortable on beaches because already in primeval times the food supplies of ground and water are meeting there. The colours of the water from blue to turquoise in all shades are making us happy.

Beatrice enjoys the heat summer

Here Beatrice enjoys the Heat summer. She looks cool and happy.

Buffets in vacations represent freedom through adequate food supply

The Heat summer represents freedom and an abundance of food supply. Tour operators know this. Exuberant buffets at dinner often belong to successful vacations.

Now close your eyes and imagine a summer evening. After a long and sunny day in the Heat summer the sun leans toward the horizon, it is a bright and gentle light letting us float away like on clouds.

Sundown with the bright and gentle light of the summer