From 01.11 to 05.12

The cross is an allegory for passing away and completion

This is the shortest of all seasons. The time contains all public holidays and remembrance days which are concerned with passing away or death. These are All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, Remembrance Sunday and (in Germany) the Sunday in commemoration of the dead. This has got historical roots. For the Celts the 1st November was the day of the year when the souls of the dead were nearest to the living. The Christians have adapted this thought. In the USA the transition to this season from 31st October to the 1st November is “Halloween”, also a feast of the ghosts.

The colours of the world in between

How does it look in the world in between which is located at the end of the life? People have always been concerned about this question. It is supposed to be grey with no colours at all. Maybe somewhere shines a light.

Which professions fit to the Completer season? Grave digger and liquidators force into the mind. But is does not have to be negative. One example is a publisher who completes the work of an author and launches it. Another one is goal scorer in soccer who finishes confidently the move of his team. I commit it to your fantasy to find more examples.

In the Completer the mood is spherical and lost in reverie

The mood in the Completer is spherical and lost in reverie like once in the winter. But now we are at the end of the circle, not at the beginning. But wait, does circles really have a beginning and an end?

Foliage lie on the earth and the colours are fading

The landscape glazes golden in the sundown

The sundown is glazing golden. Behind the sundown of the day the night is following and after it a new morning. Behind the Completer, the sundown of the seasons, winter is coming and then a new Buding. But nobody knows what is lying behind the sundown of the live.

weathered inscription on a tomb