From 02.02 to 14.03

This season starts with the Christian holiday „Candlemas”. The name sounds like a first light at the end of a long and dark winter. The people now say they feel the days are becoming longer”.

Buding: In this state the roses are only to divine

But it’s still cold and dark, actually nothing has changed. On the 2nd February in former times the “farmer’s year” started. From this day on the work on the fields could start again if the weather was accordingly.

The winter draws back

It is the season of the visionaries. You need a visual acuity and much imagination to already guess the harbinger of the Prosping.

Pussy willows announce the end of the winter

Some flower wake up first: Snowdrops and crocuses.


Not only dreamers and visionaries are attracted to the Buding season, but also people with strong willpower to enforce a thing against the inert mass. Like the snowdrop which struggles through the snow cover.

The artist of the buding is the architect. An architect needs particular visionary power to create completely new shapes out of nothing.

In the buding season rituals take place to cast out the “ghosts of the winter”. Some of them still exist in their archetype, for example the “Narrensprung” in the Alemannic carnival. And the feasts still exist at many places around the world. It is named “Carnival in Rio”, “Carnival at the Rhine” or elsewhere with different names.

For example in the USA there is a place in Pennsylvania named “Punxsutawney“ where the Candlemas Day is the “Groundhog Day”. On this day a groundhog will be woken up from his hibernation. If the animal casts a shadow Prosping still is 6 weeks away. If not, Prosping is standing right at the doorsteps. I pity the groundhog because I think he only wants to continue sleeping. But the people like it and the most people at this time of the year only look for an opportunity to party extensively. Who wants to learn more about the Groundhog Day should watch the homonymous movie with Bill Murray in the starring.

Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog from the Groundhog Day