From 02.09 to 31.10

Autumnal leaves with a beautiful structure

The autumn starts at the very moment the summer holidays are over. „Back to school“ they say in the USA. This transition is marked by the “Labour Day”, a public holiday, so after vacations in the Heat summer the work starts again. The date of the Labour Day is different each year because it is on the first Monday in September, but autumn always starts on the 2nd September.

Autumn: The forest colours yellow

The temperatures now are comfortable and because most people are freshly recovered the work is going easy. It is a very productive time. The nature is shining in full colours, therefore here I basically let speak pictures.

A hip bush in the autumn shows its colourfulness
Autumnal rowan berry bush in front of blue sky
Trees in the Autumn
Red berry in the autumn
Autumnal still live with berries
Close-up view of an autumnal tree

In the autumn there is no sowing but reaping. Therefore this season is perfect for all professions which have to do something with reaping. Besides the classic professions in farming these are for example mining, fishing or the collecting of things. The collection and archiving of texts and data belong to it.

The librarian therefore is an autumn person. A secret agent also is one. And who is able to afford it collects the paintings of the masters of their art. Painters are exactly the artists which belong to the autumn. The reason is the autumn offers colours in highest magnificence.