One night when I could not fall asleep I thought about why there are only 4 seasons. I found no reason, why there should not be seven of them. So I imagined a year with 7 seasons. Eventually I fell asleep, that was the goal of this exercise. But I had meditated enough about it to tell my wife details when we woke up. She said these are “Fantasy seasons” and from then on I called them likewise. Now I present the Fantasy seasons to you. Have fun!

The seasons start with the winter. That is unusually but logical, because so the Completer is the last season. Each description is completed with a statement about the people which are attracted by this season and whose skills are matching best to it. Mostly these are professions or groups of professions, sometimes it is a “mission” (or art).

Additionally I have specified the colours typical for each season. This is interesting for photographers who want to assemble a photo series for this season. And of course for painters and interior designers or for other occupations which are dealing with colours.

Now I show you the 7 seasons

The buttons at the bottom of each page are for scrolling forward and backward through the wheel of the year.

Follow me now to the Fantasy seasons and let your mind move through the course of the year.