Website games with photos

As a hobby photographer and website developer I ask me what else you can do with photos other than view them yourself, show them to other people and integrate them into websites. I found that they are perfect items for building games and so I decided to program photo games for websites.

There are two classic games with photos: Uncover pair off cards and jigsaws. So I decided to start with these classics. Here you find examples for both and can play them immediately.

Memory card games

In this card game you search for pairs of 2 cards with the same birds. Black crowned cranes, seagulls, pukekos, sparrows and many more birds: I have them photographed all myself.

Play the game multiple times, each game contains a new set of cards. There are 90 different photos in the game, so you have considerable to discover!

You can see the name of the birds if you move the mouse over an uncovered card. You will see the name at the mouse pointer.

Now play a game with the bird cards yourself, and discover the little plumy guys. Some of them are a little bit larger.

partly uncovered field of cards

Jigsaw games

Partly solved jigsaw

In this jigsaw some pieces are already placed correct Butt these were the easy ones.

Finished jigsaw game

Until the finished game there are considerable changes to do. Best you directly try a Jigsaw yourself.