Here I tell you something about me. Not as much, because this website isnít about me. It is about experimentation with web pages and having fun with it. The content of this page are few little bit private things about my wife and me and about my hobbies. Even less you can find aboutbusiness (basically links to other websites).

Because I like birds, and there is room on this page, I entertain you with some photos of my little friends.

Look for example at this little robin. I have photographed it from my office where I have a direct entrance to a terrace and an adjacent garden.

Robin has espied food Robin examines the food critically
It has espied that there is some food for it It approaches and examines the supply critically.
Robins are no vegetarians! Robin: I dont like this.
You know, I am not a vegetarian, it says to me. Anyway, this food I donít like.

Happy great tit with birds fat ball.

This great tit looks happy with its birdís fat ball.

Three sparrows discuss about the partition of the food

And these three sparrows only have to discuss about the partition of the food. Maybe the one in front feels observed.