We like to travel together. Two years after the Tasmania trip we did our “big” trip to New Zealand. “Big” means: The trip was great and it took a long time. And, of course, it is a long way from Germany to New Zealand.

Beatrice enjoys the wild nature of New Zealand
Beatrice on the ferry from the North Island to the South Island

After about two weeks on the North Island we took the ferry to the South Island. There we spend another two and a half weeks.

But actually you can spend much more time in New Zealand. It is an admirable piece of the earth. By all means we have many plans with New Zealand for the future.

The Lake Tekapo in the south of New Zealand is a dream
On Raasey, a neighbouring island of the Isle of Skye

When our trips reach not so far away, you can’t do this any year, we like to hang around the British islands. For example you can see us here on the Inner Hebrides (on the left side) and in Wales (on the right side).

Hence I have lead over to the next theme. Travelling is a hobby of me (and Beatrice of course). With this I continue on the next page.

Beatrice enjoys the live in Wales