Hello, internet surfer!

You are landed here on the private website of Gernot Daum in Maisach, Bavaria, Germany. This is a website I like to play around with and to present my visitors entertaining, interesting and odd things. I am an IT professional and can cope with the most web programming techniques; therefore I have many options to do that. Don’t be surprised about stumbling about the one or other area “under construction”. This is a consequence oft my playing around. But if you find something which seriously doesn’t work, I would be happy about a short note from you to the email address in the contact data.

For example I have attached some photo games. Maybe you like them. Or you look at what I have written about Fantasy seasonsand illustrated with photos. You also can find the one or other cooking receipt here, likewise illustrated with photos.

I hope you can get along. I try to keep the website clearly. To read this website should feel like browsing in books. On the upper side you quasi can select a “book”. On the side you can click on the chapters of this book. And some chapters consist of singular pages which you can select in the header.

I try to size the pages so that they fit on a standard computer screen (if you use normal fonts) without the need to scroll. This is comparable to reading a page in a book, where you don’t have to move the book before your eyes up and down. Usually websites are designed like scrolls which existed before the time books were invented.

You can learn something about me personal. In this “book” you for example find a chapter about my trips around the world. The chapter contains mostly links to the travel diaries of my wife Beatrice.

Just followme now climbing through the ups and downs of my website.